About Me

Fitness Professional

Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Diet and Nutrition Advisor


Life Changer

Motivational Speaker

Slayer of countless Kilos

All Round Awesome Guy

A father/husband and business owner balancing family life/personal fitness/work commitments – so I know  just how easy it is to put ourselves last with lots of other commitments.

C Wise MugShot

Personal Interests

Changing peoples lives through actions and which push people to achieve success and evoke future desire for more success. Watching football and spending time with my wonderful wife and awesome girls.

Qualifications and experience

  • Certificate in Fitness (Level 4)
  • Certificate In Fitness (Level 3)

Specialisations in Older Adults, Children and Special populations

  • Diploma in Fitness Business
  • Diploma Diet and Nutritional Advisor
  • Certificate in Massage (Level 4)
  • NZRU Rugby Coaching
  • Premiere Grade Women’s Rugby Trainer
  • Distance runner