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Feeling The Chill

The winter chills have arrived, the colder mornings have kicked in and getting out of bed has definitely become a little bit harder but now is the time to stop and think about those goals and the sacrifices you need to make in order to achieve them.

It easy to get out and be active when the weather is warm, dry and sunny just chck out all those fair weather runners and walkers in the Spring and Summer months. But as the weather gets colder and wetter – this is the time when real champions are made. If you are thinking about taking the winter off from training or keeping fit and healthy then remember that winter leaves the same way it snuck up on us and then Spring is here once again.

Don’t sit on the couch and vegetate over those colder months – make sure you find ways to keep up the activity. Of course, if you don’t want to wrap up and head out for your usual run or walk there are a number of other options available. Try to find a home workout you can enjoy (many can be done with little or no equipment), head to the pools; swimming is grrat cardio and the water adds some resistance or look for other activities to do inside – why not learn to dance; great cardio and its social too or look for an indoor sport.

They say abs are made in the kitchen and that might ot might not be the case but one important thing to remember is that Summer bodies are made in the Winter months.

Now get off the couch and do something….

Why Hire A Personal Trainer

To many people the image of a personal trainer is a big burly guy in tight shorts and his kid brother t-shirt squeezed on to accentuate muscles but in reality most of us are just people who have a love of health and fitness and genuinely want to help other to achieve their health and fitness goals.

You may think why do I need one of these annoyingly fit people ordering me around especially if I already feel a bit unsure of myself because I am carrying a few extra kilos, or trying to lose that baby weight or because I have a wedding or event coming and I need to look my best.

I cant speak for other trainers but here is what I believe and what a good trainer can help you with:

  1. Knowledge – I have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to exercise (and continue to learn) and I love what I do. For me it is important to ensure that not only do I teach you the right exercises to do but I also want you to know why you are doing them, how they relate to your personal health and fitness goal and where they will progress to.
  2. Intensity – We are all lazy, especially if we work out on our own. Often I meet clients who already do some form of exercise or activity and know where their limitations are but they never actually push themselves. I enjoy helping my clients push themselves to that little bit further and helping them to realise that they can achieve those things. I am there with my clients helping them through those last couple of reps, those times when they want to stop but need encouraging to keep going. That little push is sometimes all it takes to achieve great things. But also sometimes its the role of a good trainer to say stop before the person injures themselves through fatigue or bad form.
  3. Functionality – I believe very strongly in the need to exercise in ways which will help us throughout our normal daily lives. I can coach people through movements which are multi jointed or moving through several planes of motion which can be difficult if you are working alone. I like to help people see how their exercise plan not only achieves those goals they have set (losing some weight or feeling fitter) but can also make everyday living – loading the dishwasher, mowing the lawn, loading the groceries into the car or doing their job, easier and pain free. I believe totally in exercising for lifestyle and to enhance your everyday functions.
  4. Variety – Variety is the spice of life or so they say and when it comes to physical activity this is definitely the case. Often our bodies adapt very rapidly to routines which once pushed our limits or at the least put some strain on our muscles. Constant evolution of movements is in order to continue to see changes and reach those goals which we set. The dreaded plateau is easy to reach and it’s often the first step in the chain of giving up. I train to challenge my clients all the time adding new things or making slight changes in the sessions.
  5. Goals and Results – I am a strong believer in setting goals and there is an art to it which often people are unaware of. I ensure that I am aware of your goals and your sessions are tailored to your needs which means that whenever we meet you are getting closer to the results you want.

Personal Trainers aren’t just for celebrities or the wealthy, they are for anyone who truly wants to see results and realise their goals.


Belly Warmer

Chilly months are the time for soups not salads and home-made soups win hands down. And you don’t need to be a Masterchef to do it.

We picked up a Pumpkin for $2.49, a couple of onions, a carrot from the garden and some potatoes.20160529_130746

Peeled and chopped and thrown into a stock pot. Add some stock and a sprinkle of herbs and bring it to the boil. Leave it simmering until the vegies have softened up and then blend with a stick blender and it’s good to go.


Served up with some garlic bread and the belly gets full and warm.


The Cost of Healthy Eating

I often hear people telling me about how much it costs to eat fresh fruit and vegetables but really this is just another great excuse.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is about looking at what is seasonally available that you enjoy eating. We are defiantly blessed  this year with the incredibly long period of warm weather we have enjoyed. This has extended the growing period of many of the warm weather fruits and vegetables.

And don’t forget that the fruits and vegetables which you enjoy don’t just have to be the ones from the supermarket. You can alway plant some and grow your own. In September last year as a family we planted the fruits and vegetable which we enjoy and have been reaping the rewards since. You don’t need a large area or much gardening knowledge.

Many veggies can be grown in pots and even some of the great fruits which we enjoy especially the citrus varieties can be grown in pots too (your local garden centre can advise which one are best for you).

We had pea, snow peas and beans only a couple of weeks from planting. Our cucumber plants went berserk and kept us in cucumber for the whole of the summer and they are still going, I have just harvested some more carrots and we even have a watermelon still growing much to our girls excitement.


And the mandarins are starting to ripen ready to be munched as the cold weather comes – letting us top up the Vitamin C and fight off any of those nasty bugs.


Yes, fruit and vegetables can be expensive but with some thought about what you are going to enjoy and some planning in your garden or on your deck and you can cut the cost of eating well.


Just Start….

One of the biggest things that holds people back from starting something is over thinking it. We tend to think about all the reasons why they can’t do it, why they’ll fail, why it’s “too hard” and then we convince themselves that we can’t do it.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard and there will be fears and risks but if you never try you will never know!

Taking action is the key to anything you want to achieve in your life, without trying life stays stagnant and our goals will never be achieved leaving us feeling frustrated and incomplete.

You will not get anywhere just by dreaming about the things you want. While self belief is extremely important, without making a practical plan and implementing it into your life and COMMITTING to it, your goal will remain just a dream.

Any achievement I have made in my life has come about because I decided to stop overthinking everything and doubting myself. Instead of talking myself out of things and convincing myself that I wasn’t “good enough” or worrying about doing things “perfectly”. I decided to believe in myself, accept nothing will ever be perfect, make plans, take action and commit to it. Yes I have fallen but I have picked myself back up and changed my plans when needed – the key is learning and moving on.

This applies to all areas of my life from my business to my fitness goals. 
Learning the lessons along the way and evolving is part of the journey and it can often be what makes it so rewarding when you finally achieve your goal.

Another very important part of succeeding at anything in life is to research! Learn as much as you can before starting and keep learning along the way. Ask for help and accept criticism.


Just do anything you can to move towards your goal and KEEP MOVING! 
Every day take some kind of action towards your dreams and make them a reality. 
It is all up to YOU! So get going!



Set Goals

Work Hard